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ly planning to la■unch a 5G ph●one with the new chi〓pset in the second h●alf of the year.P◆lease scan

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〓NTT Docomo achieve○ breakthrough● in 5G fiel●d trialHuawei, NTT 〓Docomo achi●eve breakthrough

orld'●s first 5G c◆ommercial chi●p02-27

-2018 15:36 ■BJ
TChinese mo〓bile giant Hua◆wei has unvei

i●n 5G field trial○Huawei, NTT ●Docomo achi〓eve breakthrough i◆n 5G field tria●l12-20-2017 14:2●7 BJTHuawei○, a Chinese tel○ecommunications gian●t, and N

led its◆ firs
t 5G chip, w■hich the company cla■im

TT Docom■o Inc, Japan's l〓argest tele●communications c●ompany, have○ successfully ●completed a join●t field tr〓ial for 5G mobile ○communicati○ons over a long ●distance with ■39 GHz Millimeter W■ave (mm

s is the world○'s first com
mer◆cial chipset that me○ets the lat

Wave) ba●nd in Yoko●hama, one o●f the largest comme■rcial areas i〓n Japan.In the tri●al, the do○wnlink data transmis◆sions were rec〓orded at a max■imum speed of ●over 2 Gbps● on

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